The ordering process

Professional translations by finetext GmbH!

Employing experienced and highly qualified translators for the translation of documents is the primary concern of finetext GmbH and our clients.

As a result it is our upmost obligation and priority to let only the best translators work for our company. Our translators must meet the following standards to qualify for finetext GmbH.

1. Translators must have at least seven years professional translating experience.
2. Translators must be able to provide a certificate of qualification from a nationally recognised institute.
3. Translators must be a native speaker of the target language into which they are translating.
4. Translators must prove to have appropriate experience in their specialised field of translation.
5. Translators must provide at least ten verifiable references with regard to purchased translations.

Finetext GmbH employs committed project managers, who are ready to answer any questions you may have, irrespective of the size of the project.

The project manager works to guarantee the quality of the projects. Always under the premise of completing the project to the full satisfaction of the client.

Their responsibilities include analysis of the original document, personally selecting the appropriate translator and guaranteeing the on-time delivery of the translation.

During the translation process they are the direct contact to whom all questions or comments should be addressed.

When you submit a project for translation to finetext GmbH, the relevant project manager will happily discuss with you how we calculate our delivery date.

Equally, he will communicate to you any possible language barriers, which may occur when adapting texts of different languages.

You have the right at any time to terminate the project, before the translation has begun. Furthermore, you can be sure that the deadline set for delivery of the translations will always be met.

In addition, finetext GmbH operates its own project management system, exhausting all possibilities in order to optimise the service and the processes between us and the client.

We should finally mention that finetext GmbH offers on-time and high quality translations, which can work out about 20% cheaper in comparison with its competitors.

Please check our prices and ask for a free and non-obligatory quotation for your translation project.