Freelance translators

finetext is a company which specialises in high-quality translation services for various subject areas and language combinations. In order to continually meet our clients' demands for the superior translations to which they are accustomed, we are constantly seeking:

Freelance translators, linguists and proofreaders

What we expect from you:

  • Appropriate qualifications
  • Several years' work experience
  • Only native speakers

Work experience

Being officially authorised by the Hamburg Chamber of Commerce to recruit trainees, finetext GmbH is committed to introducing the next generation to the complex topic of languages in order to ensure that they, too, will benefit from the experience and knowledge accumulated over the years.
Within the framework of the pursuit of this corporate objective, work placements are offered to interested and motivated young people throughout the year for periods of between 2 to 6 months. This work experience provides them with an insight into the practical side of the day-to-day business and allows them to actively support the translation and editing departments as well as the IT division.

What we expect from you:

For prospective translators and editors:

  • Current students of languages and linguistics (Slavonic, Romance, Japanese, Nordic, German or English language and literature studies or similar)
  • Excellent written and oral skills in at least one foreign language (confident in business discussions)
  • Basic computer skills

For prospective IT specialists:

  • Comprehensive knowledge in the fields HTML, PHP, MySQL and Javascript
  • Basic know-how concerning network administration is beneficial
  • Object-oriented programming skills are an advantage


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