Localisation and translation of websites

You have created your own website and spent plenty of time on issues such as navigation, copyright and payment terms.

You have paid web marketing experts a horrendous amount of money to ensure that your website attracts more visitors than any other on this planet.

However, although you are in a position to deliver your products to even the most remote spot in the world, you are only receiving orders from Germany or Austria. You review the situation and discover that in every country, you are placed at the very top of the list by the respective search engine.

So where are your orders?

The answer is simple. If you want to sell your products or services in foreign markets, you need to speak their language. Your potential customers may find your website, but as they do not understand what you are offering, they subsequently turn to a local provider.

Effortless website translation

You no doubt realise how many additional satisfied customers you would have and how much more turnover you would generate if you had your website translated. And for precisely this reason, you are reading this page right now.

We do the work, you reap the benefits

You were absolutely right to invest time and money in the creation of your website. Nevertheless, at this stage you do not want to lose more time by returning your website to the people who designed it and hoping for them to deliver a good translation.

All you need to do is send us the source files. We will translate them and send them back to you, ready to be posted on the internet. By providing you with a first-class translation of your website, we will promote your online success.

Translation and localisation

Our translators will work with the original files and not only ensure that the pages are translated at the highest standard, but also that the contents are localised. Our translators from the respective target language country are responsible for the localisation of the pages beyond doubt. They know the local customers and will make sure that your translated website is truly attuned to the target language country.

Below please find a very simple example of localisation in the English language:

Where do you find your selected items when shopping online?

  • American English: Shopping Cart
  • British English: Shopping Basket

This minor difference can be decisive when it comes to the customer actually completing or not completing the purchase transaction. In this kind of situation, a computer-aided translation would be of no use to you – as opposed to a professional translator.

Which formats can I work with?

Websites use countless documents in many different formats. To enable us to translate your website, we merely need the source files. So far, there has been nothing we were not able to process, but there is a first time for everything. Below please find a list with the most common formats:

  • HTML
  • XML
  • JAVA
  • CSS
  • ASP

Once we have completed our task, we will send you the translated website – ready to be posted on the internet as a fully localised website.

Your website translation will be produced by qualified translators who specialise in the relevant subject area and are experienced in the field of marketing, allowing them to ensure that all the important nuances in the text are conveyed in the target language.

Once translated, we can help you to draw visitors to your website – with the help of the multi-lingual website promotion service managed by our partners.